Excursion to 2 Islands

Get to know the two Elaphiti Islands. First you will visit Lopud – a natural paradise with sandy beaches and no cars allowed on the island. Swim at the gorgeous sandy beach Sunj and then move on to Kolocep to see the famous Blue Cave. Smile with the wind in your hair while speed boat takes you further into the unknown.

13:00 -16.00 h  or 15:00 -18:00 h  (3 hours)
15:00 – start from Hotel Bozica pier towards Lopud
15:15 – arrival to Lopud, swimming in the turquoise shallow waters of Sunj
16:30 – meeting at agreed spot and heading towards Kolocep
16:50 – arrival at Kolocep, taking a short stroll to the Blue Cave
18:00 – return to Hotel Bozica

Adaptable for morning and afternoon excursions